5 Reasons Why Trader Joes is the best

  1. You are allowed to sample ANYTHING in the store before buying it.

    Just grab an employee and they will open anything in the store for you to try before you buy it to make sure you love it! Feeling skeptical about that new crab dip? Grab an employee and they’ll open it up and chances are the employee will even want to try it for themselves!

  2. Employees are always happy to be there.

    Rumor has it that the employees get taken care of when it comes to their pay, but they also love to engage in conversation and find out what your weekend plans are as well as what your day is consisting of. Not to mention they always have a smile on their face!

  3. Prices are lower due to not paying extra for marketing costs.

    The company is known for not spending as much money on marketing and advertising as its competitors which allows for the products to be much cheaper. In fact Trader Joes doesn’t even have an official Facebook or Twitter page. The company uses word of mouth as their “advertising”. Advertising costs won’t be tacked on to Trader Joe’s goods which allows for good quality at a cheaper price.

  4. Seasonal items!

    This ranges greatly! Everything from seasonal scented stickers to seasonal food and beverage items. During the winter time they have bomb double chocolate chip waffles… 10/10 recommend.

  5. BOOZE.

    In the liquor store attached to the grocery store you can find ” 2 buck chuck”, which is $1.99 bottles of wine as well as a bourbon that tastes just like the expensive stuff for less than $20 a bottle! Trader Joes Kentucky Bourbon is said to be a pretty close replica to Woodford Reserve


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