Activities To Do This Summer

Tye Dye- The options are endless from tye dye designs, colors, and the clothing you choose to dye!

Fly a Kite- Just be sure to pick a windy day to do it, this activity is for all ages!

Have a Picnic- No wicker basket needed, this could even be as simple as picking up Jimmy Johns and heading to a nearby park with a blanket to sit on!

Have a Bonfire- Hot dogs and S’mores! Or if you’re of age invite some friends over and have a couple beers around the fire and enjoy your summer night.

Go to the Drive-In- Its an oldie but still a  goodie! According to this article, there are still 338 Drive-In’s left in America so there is bound to be one somewhere around you!

 Go Fishing- Not always the most fun since its more like a waiting game, but when you do catch that fish the wait will be worth it.

Go Swimming- This is a no brainer. Whether its at a swimming pool, a rock quarry a lake or a river!

Go on a Road Trip– Whether its to the great smokey mountains or to the beach, just make sure you go on at least one!

Buy a Slip n Slide- For the low price of $9.99 you can head up to your local grocery and pick one up, chances are you’ll have to throw it away at the end of the day because it will be ripped but it will definitely be worth the day of fun!

Make Popsicles- Come up with the next best flavor combination using different fruit and fruit juices!

Go to an Amusement Park-  There are amusement parks everywhere nearby and most of them have waterparks so its 2 parks for 1 price!

And if none of those sound fun, get a summer job and make that moula to get your life together.


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