5 Not So Ordinary DIY Pet Homes

Your furry friends aren’t ordinary so why should their homes be?! These 5 DIY Pet Homes add some spice to you and your pets lives without the cost!

  1. Tee Pee

    There are tons of tutorials on YouTube on how to make tee pees and who knew they could also make adorable pet homes!

  2. Suitcase

    We all have one! Who knew it could be as simple as throwing a cushion in the bottom of the bed and calling it a day.

  3. Pallet

    Tons and tons of different things you can do with a scrap pallet, and 99% of the time you can get them for free. Stores like Lowes and Walmart have stacks of pallets behind their stores that are up for grabs. You could also make your way to a warehouse and I’m sure they would be more than happy to share some of their extra pallets with you for your crafting needs.

  4. Milk Carton Igloo

    Why buy one of those super expensive outdoor igloos when you could make your own! One mans trash is another persons treasure, in this case literally. Your empty milk jugs can make up your pets new home! Definitely the most time consuming DIY on this list!

  5. Nightstand


    This one is super simple! You can either buy a nightstand that already has the pet cage all in one (pictured on the left), or you could simply just put a doggie bed at the bottom of your current nightstand (pictured on the right)!



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