Comfy Cow Ice Cream Shortage

The Comfy Cow Ice Cream Shortage

Few Flavors. Closed Stores. Empty Freezers.


For weeks now, The Comfy Cow stores have been down to as few as four flavors of ice cream for scoops and have had empty refrigerators, according to customers who have taken to social media to express their concerns.

For the most part customers have been very sympathetic but there have also been other customers who are threatening to take their business elsewhere to other ice cream shops such as Graeters, Louisville Cream, and Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen if they don’t clean up their act fast.

On  May 3rd The Comfy Cow posted on their Facebook, “We want to apologize to all of our loyal and amazing customers. We are experiencing some growing pains due to an unexpected rapid growth spurt. The demand for our ice cream has put a temporary strain on our ability to keep up with demand. We have a solid action plan in place but it is taking a little more time than we anticipated. We appreciate your patience. Please hang in there with us and we should be back on track soon. We love you all and we’re so grateful for your patronage and loyalty. Again – apologies for any inconveniences you may have experienced recently when visiting our scoop shops. (Please share or let others know.)”

But why the sudden a so called “ice cream shortage” The Comfy Cow?

On Monday, Tim Koons-McGee (The Comfy Cow CEO) issued the following statement to Louisville HotBytes:

“We had our main ice cream making machine breakdown and the parts took over a month to come in. On top of that our grocery business took off like a rocket suddenly and this all happened simultaneously at the start of “the season.” We made the decision to try and satisfy both aspects of the business as best we could with sort of a hybrid approach to supplying ice cream. In hindsight, I think all we did was piss off scoop shop customers and grocery stores at the same time.

We are now back up functioning normally production wise but we dug such a big hole that it’s taking us forever to build our inventories back up with the ongoing demand. We recently started a second shift that should be fully functional within the next week or two and we’re hoping that will allow us to catch up.”

Hopefully all The Comfy Cow locations are back up and running soon! So everyone can get a sweet treat during these hot summer months!


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