Top 10 Things to do in Louisville This Summer [from a local]

  1. Forecastle Music Festival- Started in Louisville in 2002! But if music festivals aren’t you’re thing you can always go catch a concert at the KFC YUM! Center or even the Louisville Palace or Mercury Ballroom.

  2. Go to the Rock Quarries- There’s 2 here in Kentucky both less than a 30 minute drive from Downtown Louisville! Southside and LaGrange Falling Rock Park.

  3. Kentucky State Fair- This year is the 118th annual fair! If they’ve kept it around that long that must mean they are doing something right. Where else can you ride a ferris wheel, eat a donut burger, and watch baby chicks go down a slide.

  4. Waterfront Wednesdays- Free concerts under the Big Four Walking Bridge! Concerts are typically held the last Wednesday of every month.

  5. Louisville Bats/ Louisville FC – Dollar Beer Nights are always a huge hit, usually have firework shows after the games as well!

  6. Go to an Amusement Park- Locally we have Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay but you could always make the short trip towards Cincinnati to go to Kings Island, or even take a short trip across the bridge to Santa Claus, Indiana to Holiday World.

  7. Downs After Dark- Night horse races at Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby. Always a huge hit on a pretty evening.

  8. Go Hiking- Red River Gorge, Cherokee Park, The Parklands of Floyd’s Fork, Jefferson Memorial Forrest all have free trails to get your nature fix in. If you end up going to Red River Gorge, stopping by Miguel’s Pizzeria is a must.

  9. Flea Off Market- Shop Local. This is a once-a-month outdoor bazaar that takes place right off Market on Shelby Street. Theres dozens of vendors each month offering a wide variety of local goods, not to mention theirs food trucks!

  10. Lakes- Hit up one of the several lakes around us! Lakes hold events during the summer! Lake Cumberland  Raft up and the Poker Run are HUGE events that are sure to make your summer filled with many memories.


5 reasons why Great Danes are Great


  1. They are loyal– They never leave your side. They follow you around the house without ceasing. They come to you when their name is called, and they always stay close to their owner. They get sad when their owner leaves.

  2. They are smart– They pick up on tricks fairly easy. They can figure things out that most dogs couldn’t, they can hop into the sink and lick all the dirty dishes when you aren’t looking. They know to sit whenever they see food in hopes to get a bite or two.
  3. They are sweet– They always wait to greet you at the door, whether you are coming or whether you are leaving. They comfort you when you are sad. They always want to climb in bed with you to rest their head on you to make you feel more comfortable. They even climb in your lap because they don’t think there is a problem with it.
  4. They are gentle giants– They are big dogs, but they never mean any harm. They pick the smallest or the youngest dogs in the dog park to play with. The employees at the pet stores know to give Great Danes more than one treat because they are too big to just have one.
  5. They are silly– Their clumsiness is out of this world. They gallop like ponies. They run into things with their heads and their tails. They sit like humans in the front seat of the car. They tend to stand back and watch other dogs play rather than joining in the mix.